All-In-One Video Application Framework

3G has developed a framework specifically for the streaming video market. Our decoder and framework have been licensed by the largest companies in video streaming. We are excited to make this technology available to others and offer customization and user interface services. 3G is uniquely equipped to be your video client software partner on all of these platforms:

Note: 3G cannot guarantee your acceptance onto proprietary platforms. Distribution of your application on certain platforms may require you to qualify with the platform manufacturer.

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Programmable Solution

Our video playback shell runs across all devices and allows you to build a complex application using JavaScript or any .Net compatible language. Utilizing Mozilla-style APIs for XML and HTTP functionality, it's possible to build real-time server communication directly into your application.

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Other native API Features

  • JSON encoding/decoding
  • XML parsing and editing
  • AES Encryption
  • MD5 & SHA1 Hashing
  • File I/O with encryption
  • PlayReady
  • LiveStream
  • TransportStream (TS)
  • HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)
  • MPG4 Decoding
  • AAC & AC3 Audio

Complete Control

Through an exposed set of APIs you can work with the underlying platform and query it about capabilities and performance. We have hooks into our video codec for controlling playback and scrubbing. We also have extensive playback quality-of-service (QoS) callbacks so you can easily report metrics back to your servers.

UI Layout

UI Layout is done with primitives. Labels, images, gradients and transparencies are all supported. 3G has incorporated a XAML interpreter so anyone with experience on Microsoft Expression Blend or Silverlight will be right at home. We also offer a TrueType font converter and a complete animation toolkit.

Experience Matters

Shipping on many proprietary platforms requires an extensive amount of experience. Developers must be certified on the platforms and have a track record of dealing with technical requirements testing. In our experience, most hardware manufacturers want to work with an experienced developer before they will consider special placement in their online services.