Our video solutions have been licensed by the most successful companies in video streaming.

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The Right Solution

3G offers the simplest solution for launching a streaming video client across all major PC, Console and Mobile platforms. With our solution you can reach over two hundred million people in the United States alone, and billions worldwide. Your codebase becomes a reusable powerhouse that will gain users on emerging platforms immediately and give your company the advantage.

Two Empowering Options


Our complete solution for video streaming is ready out of the box. Just add your unique user interface and start playing video from your servers. 3G is also available to customize the delivery, DRM and decoding methods to your specific needs. If your company would like 3G to develop a cutting-edge user interface for each platform, we have those services available. Either way, you can be up and running in a few months on over a dozen new platforms.


If you have an application you're happy with and just need to move to the most advanced video decoding technology available, consider our h264 decoder. It is optimized for all of the platforms listed below and will allow you to reduce your delivery and encoding costs.