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h264 Video Decoder

3G's h264 video decoder is a software solution that can be used to decrypt and play high quality video on platforms without h264-specific hardware. Our video decoder allows for smooth streaming of remote content, and local playback. Additionally it handles color-correction and post processing on most platforms. Until now, there has been no universal solution for playing high def video across all major platforms.

Reduces Costs

h264 video is not only superior in quality to other video solutions, but it is also smaller in storage and transport. This means that by encoding your video with h264 you will realize savings on your CDN and networking costs immediately. It also allows you to encode your content one time for all platforms, substantially reducing your encoding budget and timeline.

Down to the Hardware

3G has over a decade of experience working across all major console and handheld platforms. We created our decoder for use in video games and realized it's implications in the streaming market. Whether it's the ARM processor in a cell phone, or a PowerPC processor in a Nintendo Wii, our decoder is highly optimized for the processing capabilities and limitations of each hardware platform.

Integration and Licensing

Our video decoder is easily implemented into your application framework. If you don't yet have an application, we suggest you look at our Playdec solution. You'll find that working with our APIs and licensing model are extremely simple and cost-effective. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need high quality video delivered to your applicaiton.

Be Open-Source Aware

Although there is at least one open-source solution for software video decoding, it comes with four major drawbacks. First it is not highly optimized. In recent testing our decoder used 1/4th the processing power of any open-source solution. Second, 3G has invested heavily in optimizing our decoder for the hardware in each platform so that the performance remains consistent across them. Third, open-source solutions often require you to release the source code to any "derivative works". This is your entire application. Fourth is service. 3G warrantees our decoder and is constantly developing for emerging platforms.

Looking for a complete video playback solution? Click here!