Vertigo Development Engine

Vertigo is 3G's proprietary game engine that allows all of the amazing game features to come to life. Vertigo is a system of modules that when combined create the game as a whole. Vertigo is powerful enough to support the incredible graphical fidelity demanded of videogames today and is customizable enough to handle any type of game. The individual modules that make up Vertigo is independently being certified by GLI which is incredibly powerful for the casino gaming world. While Vertigo handles the front-end presentation and player of the game, 3G's Razor system handles backend networking and support. These two systems in tandem create a powerhouse combo of powerful in game engine and backend processing and math models unmatched in modern gaming.

Note: 3G cannot guarantee your acceptance onto proprietary platforms. Distribution of your application on certain platforms may require you to qualify with the platform manufacturer.

Experience Matters

Shipping on many proprietary platforms requires an extensive amount of experience. Developers must be certified on the platforms and have a track record of dealing with technical requirements testing. In our experience, most hardware manufacturers want to work with an experienced developer before they will consider special placement in their online services.