Development Products

In addition to our catalogue of gaming and application services, 3G Studios offers licensing agreements for companies to gain access to a number of proprietary development tools. Vertigo is our game engine which allows for the intuitive creation of game worlds and user interfaces of nearly any game type. Coupled with the backend processing and networking solution, Razor, any game will have the connectivity necessary for smash success. It is often times necessary for modern games and applications to have high quality streaming video and 3G Studio’s Playdec and h264 Video Decoder serve just that purpose. Playdec allows for streaming on any significant platform while h264 allows for post processing, local playback and remote content streaming. Regardless of your needs, 3G Studios has a development tool that will defy your expectations and provide ideal tools for developers to utilize.

Note: 3G cannot guarantee your acceptance onto proprietary platforms. Distribution of your application on certain platforms may require you to qualify with the platform manufacturer.

Experience Matters

Shipping on many proprietary platforms requires an extensive amount of experience. Developers must be certified on the platforms and have a track record of dealing with technical requirements testing. In our experience, most hardware manufacturers want to work with an experienced developer before they will consider special placement in their online services.